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APPLS Bylaw Review

Page history last edited by Marilyn Jenkins 10 years, 2 months ago


Review the APPLS bylaws and make recommendations to the APPLS Members for any changes.  Specifically consider:     

  • How to fill a vacancy; 
  • Inclusion of standing committees

          Continuing Ed/Training

          PaLA Partnership which would include

               a. Conference Subcommittee;

               b. Advocacy/Best Practices (CCAP); and

               c. Leadership/scholarship). 

          Committee charges should be included.


APPLS BYLAWS amended 090607.doc



  1. Review current bylaws by beginning of July.
  2. Post preliminary review comments by July 16. 
  3. Discuss preliminary recommendations end of July / beginning of August. 
  4. Draft recommendations to be sent to the APPLS Members by the end of August.


Committee Members:



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