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How to Upload your files/reports

  1. Make sure your file is named correctly

    • Use only lowercase

    • fill spaces between words with the underscore

    • include a date with your file name

    • example: library_report_may_07.doc

  2. Upload your file to the wiki

    • click edit

    • go to the page where you want the file to reside

    • click 'images and files' on the right

    • click BROWSE to locate the file on your computer

    • click OPEN

    • click UPLOAD

  3. Post your file/report on the correct wiki page

    • place your cursor where you'd like the report to be

    • click the file you just uploaded (it will be on the list on the right)

    • click SAVE


Suggestions on Naming Files 

When naming and saving files for the wiki please follow these guidelines:

  • Name the file correctly

    • Ex. If someone needs to locate your file and it is named report1.doc, it will be much harder to locate then if the file is named income_report_june_07.doc

    • Use only lowercase letters

    • Show spaces between words by using the _ (shift –) key

    • Ex. If the file is currently saved as businessjournalapril06.doc, rename it business_journal_april_06.doc

    • Remember to date files by saving the date as part of the file name.Ex. The March library report named library_report.pdf will have to be overwritten and lost if you try to save and upload the new April library report as the same name – library_report_april_07.pdf will allow for the older file to be saved for archival purposes. 


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