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Following up on Himmel Wilson Study

Page history last edited by Marilyn Jenkins 11 years, 1 month ago

The information below chronicles follow-up on the Himmel & Wilson study taken by the Library Development Committee of APPLS and the Office of Commonwealth Libraries. The Himmel and Wilson Study on Districts in Pennsylvania was published in 2004.  The Office of Commonwealth Libraries and APPLS have worked together to 

apply the findings of the study in a manner that moves Library Development forward in the Commonwealth. 


The original Himmel and Wilson study document: 


A case study using the findings and recommendations of the Himmel & Wilson study was developed independently by Susan L. Hauer of Lancaster Federated Library System: 


At the planning retreat on April 2-3, 2008 APPLS attendees considered a draft of position statements in response to the Himmel & Wilson study. Those are captured in the attached document: 


Here's the final Memorandum of Understanding (Guidelines for the Pilot )which was reached by the Lancaster Member Libraries and System, the Public Library District and the Office of Commonwealth Libraries: 


Video of Bill Wilson discussing the Himmel-Wilson Study at the Library System of Lancaster County, October 2008. 


Update from Library System of Lancaster County - August 2009

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