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APPLS Strategic Planning

Page history last edited by Marilyn Jenkins 8 years, 10 months ago

2008 APPLS Strategic Plan


This is information related to APPLS' strategic planning
Note 1: In 2007 The APPLS Strategic Planning Sub-Committee on the Himmel & Wilson Study was charged with researching what are the delineations of System and District responsibilities in light of and review of the Himmel Wilson study.   Systems are still referencing the study and the next steps need to be outlined and implemented.  
The members of the sub-committee were:  
  • Mary Garm, Lackawanna County Library System
  • Marilyn Jenkins, Allegheny County Library System
  • Rob Lesher, Adams County Library System
  • Susan L. Hauer, Library System of Lancaster County
  • Denise Sticha, Westmoreland County Federated Library System




Comments (4)

Anonymous said

at 3:42 pm on Feb 28, 2008

As we prepare for the retreat, I would like some feedback from other APPLS members. The H&W subcommittee members are : Mary Garm, Rob Lesher, Denise Sticha and myself.
My understanding of the charge is from Cathi's notes from the September meeting. The subcommittees on what (are ) characteristics of strong county-based systems, (what are) system/district responsibilities (with review of Himmel Wilson study), (the) funding of systems. Matt Kane was asked (about the) status of Himmel Wilson study. He indicated he would report back on this. Funding barriers precluded changes to District designations. Systems are still referencing study and next steps need to be outlined and implemented.

Anonymous said

at 4:12 pm on Jun 5, 2008

I'd like to open up a different topic. Its allied with strategic planning, but I think can be worked on now for more immediate implementation.
It is the subject of system headquarters being on the same level as Districts to provide continuing education. The new rules from the Govenor's Advisory Council allow district centers to pass out CE credit. Systems must jump through hoops (ie send brochure and curriculum to state).
System administrators are as qualified as district coordinators, and in some cases, more so to provide CE.
I find local experts and get them to talk for free on subjects of interest. I don't want to bog the speakers down with the state requirements, esp if they don't have written materials to begin with for their specialty.
What are others thoughts on this? I think we should lobby GAC to include us in their plan.

Anonymous said

at 4:13 pm on Jun 5, 2008

I wrote "district coordinators" in line 9. I meant district consultants.
I bet you all knew that!

Anonymous said

at 3:14 pm on Jun 30, 2008

As a response to Diane Sadler's question regarding provision of continuing education (CE) for credit by public library systems, the newest version of the CE Guidelines approved by the Governor's Advisory Council, which is available on the Office of Commonwealth Libraries' website, states in section 3.d.iii that programs presented through media, such as video conferences, the Internet and other emerging technologies, may be approved by systems. Also workshops and sessions conducted in accordance with criteria described in section 3.c of the guidelines are acceptable when presented by library systems and do not require additional approval by the Office of Commonwealth Libraries. For any specific questions, you may contact Bonnie Young, Head of Public Libraries and Professional Development at the Bureau of Library Development.
Matt Kane
Head of State Aid to Public Libraries

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