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APPLS Standards for Excellence Survey

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Association of Pennsylvania Public Library Systems

County Library System Services:  Standards for Excellence & Evaluation

September 2008


Survey Results - March 2009

In order to promote the development and improvement of county-based public library system services in Pennsylvania, APPLS  developed a set of service standards to help library system boards and administrators with:

1.      Promoting county-based library system development and improvement;

2.      Evaluating local library system services.

3.      Developing a vision and plan for growth and improvement of local library system services.

The standards identify three levels of library system service:

1.      Basic System Level (which are based on current Pennsylvania Library Code system standards)

2.      Quality System Level; and

3.      Excellence System Level.

APPLS Standards of Excellence

To determine the current level of service offered by Pennsylvania library systems, APPLS asked each local library system administrator to complete a survey by October 31, 2008. 

APPLS also recommended that library system administrators review its system’s survey responses with their local library system board.  This will help local library boards identify areas in which the library system needs to improve its services. 

To obtain a detailed copy of your library’s responses, or all library system responses, go to:

·        http://www.surveymonkey.com/sr.aspx?sm=DFwosO_2bEMXWxJfZT5tQQTJqF11Npw6BU_2frxmefpFPSE_3d


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