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System Funding Formulas

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  • Allegheny County

          County (RAD) funds are distributed against these factors:

    • Base Funding (an equal payment to every library) 15%
    • Population (as % of total population using US Census every 10 years and SW PA Commission’s mid-census estimates every 5 years in between) 15%
    • Distress (as % of the total population of all eligible municipalities in lowest 10th percentile of market value per capita determined annually by the State Tax Equalization Board) 5%
    • In-House Circulation (as % of system total of charges plus renewals) 20%
    • Nonresident Use (as % of system total, circulation of a library’s items by a non-owning agency plus circulation of a library’s items over the desk to in-county nonresidents) 20%
    • Computer Usage (total # of minutes of computer use divided into the total available minutes, as % of total) 5%
    • Local Income (as % total, includes local government, in-kind, and other eligible local income) 20% 

          * The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is not included in the distribution of these funds as it receives separate funding.


  • Bedford County

          State aid is distributed against these factors:

    • Equal grants to each library 25%
    • Local Financial Effort (as % of whole) 65%
    • Population of service district 10%

          County funds are distributed against these factors:

    • Base amount for system administration (determined by operating budget)
    • Base amounts to each library (Altoona's allocation is determined as % of total system population, others are equal amounts)
    • If additional funds available, distributed by service district population



  • Bradford County

          Funding is distributed based on 3 equal factors:

    • 1/3 as equal grants to each library
    • 1/3 for circulation (as % of system whole)
    • 1/3 for turnover (circulation divided by collection)


  • Chester County

          State and County Aid are distributed against these factors (as %'s of the total) 

    • Service area population 25%
    • Local Financial Effort 25%
    • Market Value (inversely weighted) 25%
    • Customer Touch 25%
      • Circulation 50%
      • Door Count 20%
      • Programs 15%
      • Technology (combination of computer and WiFi sessions) 15%


  • Crawford County

          Moving toward funding distribution as follows:

    • 40% to Meadville
    • 20% to Titusville
    • 40% divided equally among 7 libraries and system headquarters


  • Cumberland County 

           State Aid and County Library Tax funds are allocated according to the following formula:

    • Equalization 18%
    • Reference Resource Centers 8%
    • Circulation Desk Activity (based on 3-year average) 64%
    • Resource Sharing (based on 3-year average) 5%
    • Program Attendance (based on 3-year average) 5%


  • Delaware County

          State Aid is distributed against a formula similar to that original state aid formula deployed by OCL.

          County funding is allocated against a formula consisting of:

    • Basic grant
    • Lending to unserved areas X a millage factor X price per book 



  • Lawrence County
    • Funds are distributed based on population of service district.



  • Luzerne County

          State Aid is distributed as though each library were an independent library.

          County funds are distributed against these factors:

    • Basic Grant (flat amount per library) $2,500 each
    • Population 60%
    • Local Financial Effort 20%
    • Circulation 10%
    • Hours Open 10% 


  • Washington County
    • Current county formula based on the state aid formula (50% based on incentive, 25% equal distribution between the libraries, 25% based off of per capita numbers). 
    • We are investigating other solutions including:
      • Dividing up the money strictly by service area per capita
      • 50% per capita, 25% equal distribution, 25% incentive
      • 50% per capita, 30% equal distribution, 20% incentive


  • Wayne County
    • State $ is distributed same as if every library were an independent library. 
    • County $ formula:
      • 50% of allocation is distributed as a flat percentage: 10% to six libraries, 40% to the system HQ library. 
      • 25% of allocation is distributed based on service population as a percentage of total population. 
      • 25% of allocation is distributed based on items owned + total circulation again as a percentage of total population


  • Westmoreland County

           Formula factors include: 

    • Incentive (an average of the last 3 year of LFE. First & Second tier factors are determined by a reverse calculation with the Second tier factor being 1/8th of the First tier) 40% . 
    • Population (as % of total for system) 30% 
    • Usage (a combination of hours open, circulation per hour open, interlibrary loans made, wired & wireless internet usage) 20% 
    • Distress (based on the School Lunch program data) 10% 

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